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Rydelinx: Latest ride-share app that allows drivers and riders to negotiate price

blog-image Jun 30, 2021

MANCHESTER, NH – The pandemic slow-down is finally turning around, and local ride-share start-up Rydelinx is back in the fast lane, and at your service.

Since June 2019, Rydelinx founders Max and Saverna Ahmad have successfully expanded their app-based transportation platform into 17 states, further evolving their product as they continue to venture into new territory. But like many businesses, Rydelinx faced the obstacle of COVID-19. While the increased vaccine rollout has helped to bring people back to travel and nightlife activities, the ride-sharing industry continues to suffer a shortage of drivers.

In June of 2021, Business Insider reported the shortage has caused a 40 percent increase in fare rates as ride-sharing companies struggle to find enough drivers. Two years following the launch of Rydelinx, the couple aims to bridge the gap that the industry is seeing and to ultimately connect independent drivers with riders at rates that work for each party.

When Max Ahmad decided to step into the ride-sharing fray, Rydelinx not only came to the table with Uber and Lyft, but joined with a competitive edge. While most ride-sharing companies set the price per ride, Rydelinx allows the driver to set their own price, while also giving the rider a chance to request a fare rate. This practice has innovated the ride-sharing industry, giving flexibility and a range of options for drivers and riders alike. With the ability to request a car in the moment or schedule a pick-up well in advance, Rydelinx has seamlessly blended the best elements of a contemporary ride-sharing app and traditional transportation services.

With rider safety as a top concern, Rydelinx requires that all drivers hold a commercial insurance policy and submit an application to be reviewed before acceptance. Regular sanitization of cars between passengers is also required of drivers as we emerge from the pandemic. Most recently, Rydelinx has partnered with big-name insurance agencies including Progressive and State Farm for new connections and opportunities for future drivers.

“I want people to get to know what Rydelinx is, and what user pain points it solves in the rideshare world. Our riders can name their price and experience black car service that’s safer and more affordable,” said Max Ahmad.

According to Max and Saverna, drivers and riders have both expressed positive feedback for the increased flexibility and clarity that their model provides. Whether a rider is booking a car in advance or needs one immediately, Rydelinx allows them to see available drivers, the cars’ make, model, year, color, and ultimately an asking price in their budget. Navigating from the reservation screen, riders can select a driver that works within their requested price. To this end, drivers can either accept or counter the asking price, allowing both parties to ride and drive on an agreed rate. As a local startup, Rydelinx has contributed to New Hampshire’s growing tech industry, joining big names such as DEKA and Dyn in Manchester’s own “silicon valley.” With rapid expansion into other states, and newfound interest from parties in Canada, the UK, and Germany, Rydelinx hopes to reach new heights in the U.S., and eventually, across seas.

“Our model is that drivers don’t work for us, they work with us. With that being said, this allows drivers to set the price because at the end of the day, they have to pay their own expenses and have their own vehicles. Rydelinx is the software platform that drivers use to connect riders with their company. So, we serve as a supplemental resource for their existing businesses” said Saverna Ahmad.

While Rydelinx continues to look to the future, they have firmly planted roots in Manchester and Cambridge MA, taking an active role in the well-being of their communities. With combined efforts, owners Max and Saverna Ahmad have been heavily involved in mentorship, collegiate business capstone projects, and speaking engagements. Just some of the organizations that the pair have worked with include the

Rydelinx wants future customers to know that their model serves as an alternative service to general ride-sharing practices. Through the Rydelinx platform, the quality and dependability of black car services are made available with the booking speed and convenience of standard ride-sharing apps. While black car services are often associated with executive travel, Rydelinx has covered everything from date nights to wine tour pickups and airport travel.

Currently, Rydelinx offers a $5 referral code to riders who refer a friend to download and use the app. A driver and rider version of the Rydelinx app exists on both iOS and Android systems. With increased accessibility, affordability, and incentives to return, New Hampshire’s own Rydelinx aims to be a competitive nationwide luxury ride app platform by means of flexible connectivity between riders and drivers alike.