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Local tech start-up Rydelinx meets the new year with a new outlook

blog-image Feb 20, 2020

MANCHESTER, NHRydelinx, a premium ride connection app, has refreshed its brand with lots of rider-friendly and driver-friendly perks.

The company, which launched in 2019, is emerging with a fresh look and is ready to grow after a tough year of COVID-19 slowdown. Led by husband and wife Saverna and Max Ahmad of Manchester, Rydelinx has forged a deeper connection with the community by working with local students and institutions to grow and build the company’s presence as a service provider – one unexpected benefit of the COVID-19 slowdown.

Rydelinx was selected by marketing students at the Peter T. Paul College of Business and Economics from the University of New Hampshire who helped with the rebrand and dug in to the challenging learning opportunity which provided real-world experience for the students’ capstone project.

The tech startup also held presentations at Granite State Code Camp, New Hampshire Tech Alliance, and Manchester Community College.

Rydelinx plans to continue to be active and engaged with the community as they reintroduce their app to the public, which is now downloadable across all 50 states and includes social media outreaches, a name-your-price option, first-time use cash promotion, $20 minimum ride fare, and on-demand rides or ride reservation.

“With COVID-19 having such a dramatic effect on the travel and transportation industry, Rydelinx is putting both riders and drivers first by making sure their safety and community guidelines are continually being updated to the highest standards,” said Saverna Ahmad. “Recognizing all the fears associated with traveling and the challenges the industry is facing, the app intends for its new designs, features and goals to aid in overcoming market issues. The plan is to increase performance and awareness of our service to better accommodate our users and be better prepared for the future.”