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Frequently Asked Questions


How do I become a rider?
Download the Rydelinx Rider app in the App Store or Google Play Store and sign up.
Where can I download the App?
The Rydelinx Driver and Rider Apps are currently available for download in the App Store for iOS and Google Play Store for Android.
Is Rydelinx available in my area?
Rydelinx Apps can be used in all of the United States. Enter your pickup location and desired destination and the app will provide a list of drivers available closest to you.
Is it necessary for me to put my picture on my Rydelinx Rider Profile?
It is not mandatory to have your image on your Rydelinx Rider Profile. Adding a picture is recommended, however, since it makes it easier for your driver to recognize you.
How do I update my profile in the Rydelinx App?
To update your profile, click “Profile” in the Rydelinx app menu. This will then open up your profile page in the app, where you can edit your personal information (name, address, profile picture, phone number, and email address). Here is where you can view your total rides taken.
I need to reset my password.
If you have forgotten your password, click “Forgot Password” and Rydelinx will send an SMS to the phone number you used to create your Rydelinx account. Follow the instructions to create a new password.
Can I cancel my ride?
Rides can be cancelled in the Rydelinx app. See terms of use on cancellation policy.
Is there a cancellation fee?
To avoid a cancellation fee, it is important to cancel within the first 5 minutes after you have booked your ride. See cancellation policy in terms of use.
How is the price per ride determined?
Price per ride in the Rydelinx app is determined by charge per mile. Charges are not time based. Taxes and tolls maybe applicable based on your location.
How do I dispute a charge?
Dispute a charge by emailing You may be asked for more information for verification.
I left an item in the vehicle, my ride is over. What do I do?
If you forgot any of your belongings in the vehicle, leave a message for your driver through the Rydelinx app. Your driver will receive an SMS of your message.
If you are unable to contact the driver email and a Rydelinx customer service team member will assist you. You will be asked to provide information on vehicle type, number plate, date of ride.
I am unable to request a ride.
Please contact our support team at and a tech support representative will assist you.
Are the vehicles used for Rydelinx insured?
Yes. In order to be a driver for Rydelinx, an active TLC, Livery or Rideshare insurance policy on the vehicle is mandatory.
I want to drive with Rydelinx.
In order to drive with Rydelinx, download the Driver App in the App Store or Google Play Store. Sign up and upload all required documents. Once your application is reviewed, you will receive an email for the next steps. This may take 3-5 business days.


How do I become a Driver with Rydelinx?
Thank you for your interest in Rydelinx. In order to drive with Rydelinx, download the Driver App in the App Store or Google Play Store.
Sign up and upload all required documents. Your application will be reviewed, you will be emailed a decision on the next steps within 3-5 business days.
Is there a monthly fee for downloading the Rydelinx App?
The Rydelinx App is free to download from the App Store or Google Play Store.
Is there a contract to drive with Rydelinx?
There is no contract to drive with Rydelinx. All drivers are independent contractors and can choose to stop using the app at any time.
Is it mandatory for me to put my picture on my Rydelinx Driver Profile?
Yes. Adding a picture makes it easier for your rider to recognize you.
Does Rydelinx provide insurance for drivers?
Rydelinx does not provide insurance for drivers. Drivers provide their own insurance when they sign up to drive with Rydelinx.
Can the driver use his/her personal insurance to drive and make money with the Rydelinx App?
Rydelinx only allows drivers to use the app if they have an active TLC, livery or Rideshare insurance policy.
When can drivers use the Rydelinx App to make money?
Drivers are given authorization to drive with Rydelinx after all documentation and applications have been reviewed and approved by Rydelinx.
How is the price per ride determined?
The driver determines the price per mile. As a rider you get to see a list of all available drivers and their prices before you choose your ride. Charges are based on miles not time. Taxes may be applicable based on your location.
How much is the driver paid?
The driver keeps 100% of the tips. Rydelinx deducts a commission on the base-fare for each ride. See []
Do drivers get taxes deducted from their pay?
No taxes are deducted from the driver’s pay. A 1099 is issued to the driver at the end of the year.
How often are drivers paid?
Payments are processed directly in the app after each ride has ended. Payments are made through direct deposit to the driver’s bank account.

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