Your ride. Your choice. Your safety.


Rydelinx was conceived with two questions in mind - What if drivers had the power to make their own price in the ride share industry? What if a rider had the ability to choose their ride, choose their driver, choose their price and choose their vehicle before they book a ride? By answering these questions Rydelinx was created.

Our CEO and creator of Rydelinx Max Ahmad recognized gaps in the ride share industry and looked for a solution. His answer was to create better connections, provide more options, and include ability to choose. By providing these services combined with the luxury transportation industry Rydelinx was born. A premium transportation connection. Your ride. Your choice. Your safety


Our mission at Rydelinx is to provide riders and drivers with the best luxury transportation experience. We believe better connections and the ability to choose how you ride creates a higher quality service. Rydelinx aims to be the best choice in getting you from where you are to where you want to be


Our vision is to provide the best source for creating connections and choices in quality transportation.

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