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Professional car services meeting needs where ride-share falls short

June 14, 2021

Summer is in full swing, the birds are singing and after more than a year of restrictions, travel is back on the agenda. Bitten by the travel bug, everyone is excited to be out moving again. From flights out of town for business or pleasure to date nights, day trips and wine tours the travel industry is about to see a jump in activity. Unfortunately, a number of factors have ride-share companies missing the mark when it comes to meeting both driver and rider needs. While ride share options have been popular and seem convenient, the worry of on time arrival, price surges, and the occasional lack luster vehicle or driver, using these “easy ride” solutions leave a lot to be desired. However, more traditional transportation options like town cars are rising to the occasion and continuing to provide exemplary service.

Deciding to travel with a private car or livery service the next time you are looking for a ride is a change you will be glad you made. The experience alone is guaranteed to leave a lasting impression, and have you excited to travel and book your next ride. Take a minute and allow us to elaborate on why your next choice of ride should be an easy one.


You may think that traveling with a private car service is going to be an expensive ordeal. You can put your mind at ease knowing that professional services not only have competitive pricing but are very transparent. There are no surprises with upfront pricing and quotes. Worrying about timing price surges, fluctuations and unexpected charges will be a thing of the past. You can count on fair reliable prices and service without breaking your budget.

Comfort and Convenience

There is hardly a comparison to be made between the common ride share and a private car service when it comes to comfort and convenience. The quality control with ride share just isn’t there. On the other hand, private car services set the highest standards for the comfort and quality of their vehicles. Most services offer a wide selection of new models and vehicle types, readily available for booking at your convenience.


A private car service is transportation you can count on. Great care is taken to make sure that vehicles and drivers are not only available to you, but the integrity of both is of the highest quality. There is a list of stories a mile long about the times ride-share has been problematic. Late drivers, dirty vehicles, spotty pricing and lack of safety protocols are all issues that will never have to cross your mind when using professional private car services.

Peace of Mind

When you decide to use private car transportation your mind can rest at ease knowing that your ride will be reliable and safe. Drivers confirm reservations beforehand and arrive early for your convenience to guarantee you reach your destination on time. When traveling your safety is the biggest concern, not only are Covid-19 protocols taken seriously but drivers are professionally vetted and trained to keep your safety in mind at all times. You should feel relaxed enough to take a break, catch up on emails and phone calls or even take a quick nap while enjoying the safety and comfort of a ride tailored to your needs.

The Experience

Everything listed above are only pieces of a puzzle that make the whole experience of using professional car services a dream. Every ride you take should perfectly meet your needs and be easy to book. Professional car services make booking a ride as simple as possible with things like phone and online booking or affiliate ride apps like Rydelinx. Enjoying the best vehicles and service are only half of what we mean when we say, “the experience”. The second part is the companies you choose to ride with. Professional driving services have years of training to handle your every need, drivers are licensed and insured, and your satisfaction and safety are the focal point of every ride.

Considering a professional car service for your next ride should be an easy choice. Your next date night, business trip, or flight transfer should be a wonderful experience, and swapping the common ride-share option for a chauffeur in a town car, SUV, or limousine is a sure way to make it unforgettable.