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Chauffeur services; a lighthouse in a turbulent industry

May 17, 2021

There is no denying that almost every industry has succumbed to a list of hardships at the hands of the pandemic. Covid-19 has made the daily practices of businesses across the globe a struggle. Unfortunately, many industries did not survive, while some have adapted to the new way of life, others struggle to find their footing. The transportation industry certainly isn’t immune to the hardships. Even the ridesharing industry giants seem to be floundering.

Even though Covid-19 has loosened its grip on travel in the last few months, companies like Uber and Lyft have not made the comeback that one would expect. It seems issues with competition, employee retention, affordability, reliability and availability has put these rideshare titans in deeper waters than they were expecting. Long wait times, higher prices and a general lack of drivers have left the once loyal customer base searching for transportation alternatives.

In cities both large and small that alternative has seemingly been found in taxi services and more notably the chauffeur, livery and professional transfer industry. The benefits chauffeur and professional driving services provide have been a welcome and sought-after commodity after a year of travel restrictions. The safety, dependability and wide range of quality services make traveling with a professional driver an easy choice.

This rise in demand is certainly a welcome one; making sure you are set up to capitalize on the change of pace is important. There are a couple of sure-fire ways to ensure that you are making the right connections.


Whether you are an independent driver or a larger company looking to book more clients, being present, visible and easy to contact is key. For this, having an active social media and web presence is a must. This will ensure that when searching for quality chauffeur services, your business is on the top of the list in any web search.


Make sure prices and rates are easily available. Contact numbers, emails and reservation forms should be quick to find and easy to use.


Networking and maintaining healthy interactions in the transportation community can make all the difference. As high-end drivers, chauffeurs and businesses, you set the standard for professionalism. Remembering we are all passionate about this industry and there is more than enough work to go around. Networking is a valuable asset not to be overlooked.


Affiliate booking, reservations and social platforms can help not only keep your existing clientele well taken care of but also help expand your business outreach.


Ride request and booking platform apps are no longer just for the rideshare industry. Joining an app platform for fast booking and reservations is going to help you fill your seats quickly and more consistently than ever before.

Mobile app platforms like Rydelinx not only helps to make new client connections, it assists your businesses outreach, increases your visibility and makes contacting and booking just as simple as ordering an Uber or Lyft. Platforms like Rydelinx help to supplement your already existing business and connects you to clients and venues free of charge.

The high-end transportation industry is seeing an opportunity to grow and improve on an already exemplary service. Leverage the tools you have at your disposal and make the best of all that the post pandemic market has to offer. Keeping up with the changing tides and adapting is what has made the luxury transportation industry such a reliable profession. Chauffeur services are a tried and tested transportation option with no plans to take the back seat any time soon.