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5 Reasons to choose a chauffeur over a regular driver

Mar 17, 2021

It’s a common misconception that average drivers and chauffeurs are essentially the same. Many believe both simply transport someone from one place to another, but don’t recognize the quality service offered by professionals. While convenient travel options are true for both, a chauffeur’s job doesn’t stop at transportation. A chauffeur is a trained professional driver that provides a travel experience.

Chauffeurs are trained professionals and the level of service they provide is above and beyond that which is expected of a common driver. Comparing casual drivers to chauffeurs is difficult because of the vastly different characteristics of the two. A drivers job is simply to drive, a chauffeurs job is to specifically cater the travel experience to their clients to provide a premium, unmatched service.

While there are many reasons to hire a chauffeur over a driver, let’s look at a few ways a chauffeur provides a higher quality service and experience.

  1. Chauffeurs are trained professionals, equipped with the skills, knowledge and tools like Rydelinx to make your trip the best experience possible. Chauffeurs begin planning and preparing to create that level of quality before you step into the vehicle. Understanding and meeting the needs of the client is all part of the chauffeurs’ job.
  2. A quality chauffeur works with the clients ahead of time to plan and understand their needs, trip details, and efficient routes to provide the best service and transportation. Time management is an important attribute of hiring a chauffeur, they take great measures to avoid any unwanted surprises such as traffic to ensure their clients get to their destinations on time.
  3. The vehicle your chauffeur drives is also a part of enhancing the experience of traveling. Chauffeurs usually drive a more high-end car to better provide premium, luxury transportation. These are commonly vehicles like limousines, town cars, luxury SUVs or busses. The vehicle type is pivotal to offering a safe and comfortable experience.
  4. In addition to the vehicle a chauffeur works to find exactly what their client needs to feel comfortable, safe and relaxed while traveling. A chauffeur is often much more invested in interactions with clients and does so in a professional and personal manner. This can be anything from amenities and services to helpful conversations. Chauffeurs are equipped and accustomed to taking care of all their clients, including how to behave toward them.
  5. Finally, chauffeurs are reliable and dependable. When hiring a chauffeur, you can be assured that the service you receive will be the best available, on time, every time. Professional chauffeur services continue to improve their service and develop new tools to make every ride the best travel experience possible.